About Soundwaves

At Sound Waves, we can be described as an Island of professionalism amidst a sea of mediocrity and thus are
able to offer our clients a personalized service. Because we work closely with our suppliers and clients, we
are able to offer our valued clients:
-  Technical backing of products sold and fitted
-  competitive prices
-  latest technology
-  products with confidence
-  superior after sale service and support

Establish in 1995 Sound Waves, has been around for over two decades and prides itself on the flexibility of its
response to the varied requirements of its customers. The company’s success is based upon the skill,
combined with its professionalism and the range of services it has to match the needs of an increasingly
demanding market place. We are totally dedicated to serving the needs of our customers and, to that end, we
focus on providing a high level of specialized and personal service.
We have been able to deliver a consistently high levels of service to our customers over the years and shall
continue to do so going forward into the future. This is greatly due to the stability of our management,
broking, technicians, trading and administration teams. The long term employment of key personnel has
enabled the Company to deliver continuity of service as well as develop a high level of professionalism in
meeting customer requirements. These factors also provide the basis for the Company’s outstanding
reputation for integrity and honesty.

Mission Statement

At Sound Waves clients’ needs are put first by utilizing a fine blend of products that enhance clients experience
and to conform to the Earth Green badge and a staff compliment that subscribes to the same mindset. Where
technology meets clients’ needs within simplicity.


To create opportunities for our clients where they get the benefit of product blended with our unique services
thus attracting the populace at large to always use Sound Waves. Empowering and nurturing our employees to
move and change their mindsets to achieve greater success for themselves by becoming future partners in the